Second week of training is done


So i finished my second week of my Marathon training. I can feel how even early in my training i can feel a difference. Whit that being said on Wed when I was doing my sprints i hurt my groin muscle. I believe it was because I didn’t stretch properly. With this it had me sidelined for a couple of days. Come Saturday I was feeling better.

The wife and I were in the market for a double stroller. We had one double stroller that when walking it had the death wobble, and when the wheels were locked it always pulled hard to the right. We ended up selling that one, and we picked up a used Single stroller. This worked out great, but when my wife needed to run, she could only do it when my oldest daughter was in school. So we went to one store but they didn’t have it in stock. So we went and checked out Toys R Us. They were out as well, but the man working the department sold us the display one. And on top of that, he gave us a 20% coupon.

Our race bibs

The reason why we wanted a double stroller is that my oldest daughter has been getting really excited when I do my races. She has been telling me that she wants to race too. Well I was looking around and there was a local 5k race on Sunday. So I was able to convince my wife to enter into the 5k as well. The best part was with the entry of an adult kids under 8 ran for free. So I entered Me, my wife and my daughter (3yo) With my daughter all decked out in her new running clothes (pink of course, the only proper color for a princess). We headed to the race. I was using the race to see how much I had improved so far in my training. My wife was original was going to go for her best time, but it got sidelined with my Oldest daughter.

Stretching before the race

I get in the starting area and get set up, Then the gun goes off. I start to work my way through my traffic and try and keep pace with some of the people in front of me. This is working for me in about the 1 mile. After that, they start to pull on me. Granted most of these people have strides about 1.5 times mine. I still used them to gauge my run. The “fun” part of this course is that it is far from flat. But in retrospect this is going to help me in my Half marathon coming up on the 18th.I pass mile 2 and my legs are sore, both my calf and shins. I change up the pace a bit and it seems like it helps some. Then in the distance I see my Wife and my daughters. At this point she is coming up a hill, while pushing about 90 pounds (between my 2 girls and the stroller). It is also at this time that I then see my oldest daughter hop out of the stroller (when she got tired she rode in the stroller) and start to run. As I run past them so yells GO DADDY GO. Seeing her running and hearing that just give me a huge boost of energy.

So on the last mile I start to speed up my pace and lengthen my stride some, and right when I hit the 3 mile mark I give all that I can and sprint to the end. As I am shoving bananas, nutrigrain bars and water into my gullet my running app (Nike+) is giving me my times. This was my fasted 5k (24.20) and my last mile was my faster with a 6:18. At this point I am on cloud Nine. I finish what I was eating and then I set back out to find my Wife and kids.

When I find them my oldest is running along the stroller some. I kinda kneel on the ground and she comes running and gives me this HUGE hug. It was awesome. So we continue to move towards the finish line. Me and my oldest daughter go from walking to running, and the same with my wife with the stroller. Both are doing amazing. As we get closer we let my oldest daughter rest in the stroller so that she can run the end of the race. We get a little past the 3 mile mark and we all make the dash to the end. My daughter is so happy at this point, everyone on the sidelines are cheering for her, and she is taking it all in. She powers through the finish line and we go back to wait for the awards.

After the race eating some hot dogs

They posted the results up on the wall and i see that I placed 23 of 168 runners, 16 of 74 Male runners and 2 of 11 in the Men’s 30-34 division. I’m so excited at this time. I knew that the first place runners got prizes and I figured 2nd and 3rd did too, but that wasn’t the case. They start to do the awards for the kids. At this point I knew that my daughter came in 3rd, but they only call out 1st and 2nd. My daughter is tell us that “she just wants to win” the were giving trophies out. We sit around for a while and after they were doing i walk up and look at the results. That is when i found their flaw, when they set up my daughter they put her in a “female other” category instead of the “8 and under” so after talking with the officials I was able to get the trophy for my daughter. She was SOOOOOO happy. I very proud of her. Being 3 years old and being able to about a third of the race by her self. and finish in a time of 55.21.

All in all this was an epic end to kind of a bad week for me. This week I will be using my new Garmin 910XT to help me train. I used it for the first time today while running. It was awesome. Today was 3 miles of cruise intervals. Which is, run a mile and take a 60 sec break and repeat 3 times. My pace was around 8:25. The watch was awesome. It would help me keep my pace by telling me to either speed up or slow down. I’m very excited for this new tool in my belt.

Check out my Wife’s blog as well about the Sunday Funday


She had to take her trophy to school to show her teacher.


First week of training is done


I have completed my first week of training for my marathon. One thing that I have found out is that i was going to finish my P90X3 while doing my training……well I have found that the training takes it out of me. I find my self pushing my self each session. So my modified plan is to do my X3 programs on my recovery weeks.

So with last weeks training I have learned some things about me, One sprints HURT. I haven’t done these in a LONG time. And the other thing was Saturday, I had to do a 30 min easy run. I was running with my friend from work, and I started running with him and with him being a better runner he had left me. The loop I was running was a half mile. After my friend was kept at his pace it took him 5 laps to catch at me. Right around that time my clock goes off at 30 minutes, and I am feeling great. So me and my friend keep running. We ended up running for about another 23 minutes, and at the end he proposed a challenge for me. At the next turn we will sprint till the next straight away. So we hit the corner and we start to sprint. This moment I am really surprised at my self. I’m sprinting and still feeling great. At the end i ran just short of 6.2 miles and about 54 minutes.

I’m really liking this training program so far. I think i will need to change my goal for the marathon. I was shooting for a 10 minute pace, but all my runs so far have been around 8:30 pace. I will keep an eye on this through out my training. Keep an eye on the blog, will be showing you my new toy that I have coming. I’m very excited.

Day 2 of my MCM training


I was able to get an early start to the day today. I got my Decelerator for my P90X3 program done in the morning, and then when i got home I was able to do run outside. You have no idea how happy this made me. This morning it was 34 degrees and the wind cut you at the bones. When i got home it was a “balmy” 49 degrees. If there is one thing I hate it is running on the dread mill. I was able to get 2.4 miles in, at an average 9:04 pace. This is awesome because my pace for the marathon is 10:00. After i got finished with my run (i found out afterwards that i messed up a bit) I got my 5 X 100 meter sprints in.

I will tell you this, today was the FIRST time that i have every really done sprint since i played soccer in High school. My first run was 24 seconds. At the end I had brought that number down to 17 seconds. This made me extremely happy.

So far I am really liking this program. Its good to see that X3 has helped me so much. I cant wait till my Half Marathon in May.

Starting my 28 Week marathon training


So yesterday I started my training for my Marathon. I will be keeping track of my journey through here. Yesterday my training was 2 miles with at least 4 minutes of hills. So in honor of the Boston Marathon tragedy a year ago, I ran the local hill in Fredericksburg as Hospital Hill.


Here are some interesting facts about Hospital Hill:
Hospital Hill stretches over about 930 yards. That’s 2,790 feet or 33,480 inches. Over the space of 0.53 miles, the hill’s elevation doubles, from 100 feet to 200 feet. That’s like climbing stairs from the ground floor to the top of a 10-story building.

I was recording my run but my lovely running app decided to crash, (this is the 3rd time in 3 days) Luckily for me I looked at my watch before I started. I did the 2 mile loop in 18 minutes. What made this run more interesting was the fact that the temps dropped to around 46 degrees, and it was raining. Now I have no issues with running in the rain, I usually find this really relaxing. But yesterday was nuts. For those that have done a Tough Mudder will know what I am talking about, but the run yesterday was like a mobile Arctic Enema.

When I’m training for my marathon, I will be completing my P90X3.

Breaking some PR’s in the cold


Yesterday I had the chance to run at the Stafford Runway, Runaway. This was a 5k race that we got to run up and down the runway and taxiway. This was a perfect course to get some personal records. For me the day started crazy, with my wife waking me up 15 minutes before the gun was schedule to go off. So i race around the house to get dressed. I get to the airport and it was about 5 minutes past the start. The temp was around 40 degrees. I knew that I had to warm up some, and had no time to stretch. So I ran to the first tent for my timing chip and they didn’t have them, ran to another and the same result, I finally find the right tent and got my timing chip. So I start to head to the start line and I hear over the bullhorn “the chip goes on your ankle, (i had it on my wrist).” So I stop and put it on my ankle. The funnest part was when I was running through the start gate, a kid on the sidelines said “how did he finish so fast,” I chuckled and yelled back ” I’m just starting.” At this time it was 8:37. As i was running the runway, the course workers are saying “you got this.” I really liked this. At this point i had no music to run with so all i could do is pick people in front of me and overtake them one by one.

A little tangent, the importance of the race is this was the Light at the end of the tunnel for the Fit Club was in at my Workplace. The people I worked out with every Friday for the past 2 months were at this race. These people brighten my life so much. They were barely able to do jumping jacks or push ups. But now they are out in this cold weather doing a 5k. This is why i love fitness so much, it may take time but the result will show up.

mapSo back at the race, As I’m running I’m seeing the people that i have worked out with and they are doing great. Every so often i increased my pace, and it was at this point that i am noticing my own personal growth. Before when i ran i had to have a band for my knee or i would have really bad knee pain. But that day I did that race and i felt great.

5k run1

Mile 1, done, then Mile 2 done. I’m feeling great at this time, I have no clue what my time or pace was. In the distance i see the mile 3 sign. I start to pick it up to a slow sprint. At this point in my mind I’m thinking i wont be able to keep this up. I get to just before the mile 3 sign and i did something that surprised the hell out of me. I went into the full on, balls out sprint to the end. The rush that i had when this was going on was AMAZING. It was only for .2 of a mile but that was .2 more that i have done before. I cross over the line and my friends are at the end and they are congratulating me.

5k run

Before this race my PR for a 5k was around 29 minutes. Yesterday i have a new one…… I knock about 4 minutes off. I did that 5k in 25:43, as bad as it sounds I’m a little disappointed because i wanted to be under 25 minutes. But for all that led up to this race in the morning i cant be mad. I hope that this will give those of you a little hope that you will surprise your self daily. YOU ARE AMAZING, now is the time to let your self see it.

Wow it has been crazy!!!!!


I have to apologize to my followers, because i have not been posting anything for you to follow. The last month has been crazy for me. I have been doing a lot to hit some of my goals that I laid out for myself. So first off, one of my BIGGEST goals for this year I was able to lay it to bed. I am finally an ASE master technician. I was able to pass my Automatic and Manual transmission and drive train test. I don’t think i have ever been THAT nervous. Through the whole test I was constantly second guessing my self. But it worked out in the end. For my automatic transmission one, out of 50 questions I missed 12, and for my Manual transmission, out of 40 questions i missed 8.

Another big thing that happen to me was I missed out on registering for the Marine corp 17.75k race. The worst part of this was this was going to be my “IN” to the Marine corp marathon. This even only had 1700 spots to fill and they all sold out in a record breaking 9 MINUTES. There were people in the middle of checking out that got booted because they were not fast enough. So i was really bummed by this. I still have 2 ways to to get in. Right now I have my name in a lottery for a bid into the MCM. I will find out on March 15 if I made it. If that doesn’t work out then i will be running for a charity. If it does go down that road please keep a look out for a blog about my donation page and some Information about the team I am running for.

And the third major thing that happen to me was,drum roll please……… I got a new car!!!!! Most people close to me know that I am a hardcore Honda fanatic. But I was up against a hard wall with my Wife car a Mazda 6. So what did i get to replace it? An awesome 2013 Dodge Dart SXT. I have driven this a couple of time and I LOVE THIS CAR. It has the right sound and the right look. With this purchase it help me get in line with some of my other goals. And being a new car it takes a lot of stress off of me.

New Car

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These are my pages with more information of the products. Please feel free to look around and ask me question if you have any. (this is my Facebook page, everyday I to post some interesting information about life) (this is where you will purchase your products, let me know when you are ready, and I will walk you through the painless process) (this site has all the information, receipes, and benefits of Shakeology)